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Through Rosterit, you can send instant shift offers and alerts, reminders, updates and documents via email, in-app push notifications or SMS text messages – allowing you to fill shifts quickly and make sure your team stays in the loop. 

Read below to learn the basics on how to communicate with your team.

Customise your Company's Default Communications Settings

You will first need to configure the default settings for your Company. This can be done by going to the Settings (cog) icon, clicking on Company Settings, and selecting the Preferences tab.

Under Communication Preferences, you can specify whether you want to enable SMS (text) communications, email communications, in-app (push) notifications, as well as other types of reminders and alerts. 

Update Your Personal Communications Preferences

Once the default communications have been updated within the Company Settings, employees will then be able to specify how they would like their preferred communication method to be for receiving shift reminders, offers, and leave requests as well as how they would like to receive their roster.

This can be done by either the Administrator or the employee themself. Simply select the Employee profile from the Employees page, and then going to the Alert Preferences section of the Details tab. From there, just click on either the email or text message icon to select the preferred communication method for each type of communication/alert, and click Save.

View & Send Communications

The Inbox shows you all of your sent and received messages from any communication method. This includes general messages, leave request, shift offers, reminders and alerts.

To view your Inbox, click Inbox from the side menu bar.

  • Use the dropdown menus to filter messages by type or date, or search for specific messages
  • Unread messages will appear white. Read messages will appear green.
  • View your messages in the message viewer panel on the right hand side.

Want to send out general information or documents to all employees? Use the Inbox to compose messages to send to individuals or groups. 

  • Select whether you want to message an individual or a group. Groups are based on either role, skill, location or department.
  • Specify whether you want the message to be sent via email or text message.
  • Add any relevant attachments.
SMS Text Messaging

Aside from email communications, you can also send messages out to your team via text messages straight to their phone. There is an additional 10c fee per text message sent out through the system, which is automatically added to your monthly subscription fee.

mobile phone showing Rosterit push notifications
In-App Push Notifications & Alerts

Rosterit also comes with the added ability to send and receive real-time text, email and in-app notifications to communicate with staff online or via their mobile devices. Accept shift offers on the go via your mobile device or browser.

Find out how to enable push notifications and alerts here.

Track Recent Communications

To view a historical audit of all messages sent and received within your organisation, go to Company Settings and select Company Message Log. This feature is only available to Administrators.

Still need help?

If you have any technical support queries or need help resolving an error, please visit our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) or submit a ticket for our technical support staff.

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