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Get familiar with your team roster to see an overview of you and your teams’ daily, weekly, or monthly work schedule at a glance. Here, you will learn about the following:

Navigating the Roster page

Clock on the hotspots below to familiarise yourself with the main Roster page.

Shifts with a green checkmark have been filled.

Shifts with a red exclamation mark need to be filled. To fill the Shift, click into the Shift Instance from the Roster.

Types of Roster Views

Customise how you would like the Roster to be displayed. You and your employees can set a Default Roster View as your desired option by going to My Settings and specifying your Default Roster View under Other Preferences

To toggle between these views from the Roster page, click on the Filter button and select the button for which view you would like.

Staff View

Employees are displayed horizontally on the calendar.

Shift View

Shifts are displayed horizontally on the calendar.

Role View

Employee Roles are displayed horizontally on the calendar.

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