Getting Started with Rosterit

Welcome to Rosterit. Below is everything you need to know to use Rosterit at your workplace. 

Basic Set-up

Please read the following instructions to help you get started with Rosterit.

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Set up Your Profile

Review and update your personal settings, preferences and contact details.

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View Your Roster

Get familiar with the roster to see an overview of you or your teams’ daily, weekly, or monthly work schedule at a glance.

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Manage Your Shifts & Offers

Find out how to view past and upcoming shifts, join or swap shifts, and respond to shift offers.

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Clock In & Out

Find out how to clock in and out of your shifts straight your mobile device or kiosk.

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Complete Tasks

Find out how to view and complete tasks while on your shift.

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Manage Time Off

Find out how to apply for leave or unavailability

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Complete Your Timesheet

Learn how to enter and view your weekly timesheet.

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Access the Mobile App

Learn how to access Rosterit’s mobile responsive web application and get notifications straight to your phone or tablet.

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Send & Receive Communications

Need to send a message out to your manager or team? Learn how to configure your communications preferences and manage your messages.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can clock in/out of your shift with your mobile device (e.g. mobile phone) or at a computer, tablet, or kiosk located at your workplace.

To clock in and out of your shift, simply Login to Rosterit, navigate to the GPS Time Clock page, and click on the Clock In / Clock Out button.

(*Note: If you are having issues with your location of your work place, this maybe caused from your internet service provider as some desktops/laptops do not have a GPS built into these devices. An alternative is to add the IP address to the location, which can be done through the Departments & Locations page and clicking Edit Location.)

Reset your password by clicking on the ‘Forgot Password‘ button from the main Rosterit Login page.

To get started, you will first need to be added as an Employee by your company’s Administrator. An invitation will automatically be sent once the email communication is turned on and your email address is populated, which will be used as your login username. You will need to click on the link to login and set up your password. If you do not receive the link, you can reset your password by clicking on the ‘Forgot Password‘ button.

Forgot your password?

Just click the Forgot Your Password? link below the login button from the main Login page. Contact your company’s Administrator if you have any questions.

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