Manage Timesheets

Learn how to enter your own timesheet, edit timesheet entries, and approve weekly timesheets for your team. 

Complete Timesheets

Are you required to enter your own time for the shifts you work? Any shifts you are rostered onto or any approved leave will be pre-populated onto the Manual Timesheet page.  You can then review and adjust your times as needed to cater to any changes to your rostered time.

View Your Timesheet

To view your weekly timesheets, go to Time & Attendance from the side menu bar and select View Timesheets.

Edit a Timesheet Entry

Need to make a change to a timesheet entry? To edit a timesheet entry, click Edit (pencil icon) from the View Timesheets page. Edit the entry as appropriate, and then click Update Timesheet Entry.

Approve & Export Timesheets

To view your weekly timesheets, go to Time & Attendance and select View Timesheets.  To approve timesheets, simply click on the tick box next to each day and select Approve. Once the employee’s timesheets have been fully approved, the red cross next to the employee’s name will change to a green tick.

Decide if you wish to have timesheets approved or allow them to export without approval. To modify timesheet approval settings, go to Company Settings > Time & Attendance > Require Timesheet Approval.

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