Manage Unavailability

Learn how to view and submit employee unavailability – for yourself and others.

Submit Unavailability

The difference between unavailability and leave is that unavailability is not reflected in the employee’s Timesheet. To request unavailability, go to the Time & Attendance page and click Submit Unavailability.

  • Specify whether you are submitting unavailability for yourself or on behalf of another employee.
  • Specify whether this is a full day or partial day. If only a partial day, include the times you will be unavailable.
  • Specify the dates the unavailability will start and end.
  • Make sure to include a message. This field is required in order to submit the unavailability.
  • Specify whether the unavailability repeats (e.g. every Monday)

Once all details are populated, click Set Dates as Unavailable. This will then send a message to your manager for approval.

View Employee Unavailability

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