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Edit an Individual Shift from the Roster

If you create a reoccurring or a rotating shift, multiple shifts will be generated. To edit a single shift (a.k.a. “Shift Instance”) on a particular day, click on a shift from the Roster page.

Here, you can edit the following details:

Shift Details
Edit basic shift information.

Employees can add notes while on the shift. Reports can be generated based off of these notes.

Related Shifts
There is where you can make mass updates to any related shifts (e.g. times, roles, employees, jobs). Any updates you make in this section will be reflective across all shifts you select.

Once you have made your desired changes, click on the Update Shift Instance button.

Change an Employee Assigned to a Role within a Shift

From the Edit Shift page, go to the Roles & Skills section and click the Change Employee button to add or remove employees from roles.

Click the Clear button to unassign to a particular Employee.

Edit or Delete a Role within a Shift

Adjust the Time of a Role within a Shift
If you wish to change the time of an individual role within a particular shift instance, just click the elypses (three dots) next to the Role within a Shift and click Edit to adjust a role’s time slot.

For example, if the shift is from 9am – 5pm but you want one of the roles to finish at 2pm, you can modify the time here. 

Change or Delete a Role within a Shift
You can also switch the default role to a different role if required. Simply click the elypses (three dots) next to the Role within a Shift and select Delete to delete the Role entirely, or select Edit to replace it with the alternative role.

Swap Employees on a Shift

Administrators have the ability to swap one employee for another within a certain date range. This makes juggling shifts around easier and more flexible.

For example, you may want to automatically swap all shifts Eric is rostered onto with Stephen over the next two weeks.

1. Select Shifts from the side menu bar.
2. Select Swap Employee.
3. Type in the name of the employee currently working the shift(s) from the list of employees.
4. Type in the name of the alternate employee you would like to swap for from the list of employees.
5. Select the date range you’d like to replace the alternate employee for.
6. Click Preview Shift, which will show you a list of shifts that will be swapped.

7. Click the Confirm Swap button to confirm that the green shifts will be swapped to the alternate employee.

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