3. Add Roles & Skills
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Next, enter all of the roles and skills that may be required for each shift on your roster. Rosterit uses a combination of roles and skills in order to match the right employee to the right shift, so all shifts will need at least one role assigned to them. Add roles and skills by going to Settings and selecting Roles & Skills.

All employees must be assigned to a minimum of at least one role. To create roles, simply:

  • Click Add New Role 
  • Give the Role a name 
  • Add a description (if applicable) 
  • Choose a colour for the role

Skills are optional, but are an additional way to filter your employees to ensure the right employees or mix of employees are on the right shifts. Skills can be applied to either individual employees or shifts.

To create a Skill, simply:

  • Click Add New Skill
  • Give the Skill a name
  • Add a description (if applicable)
  • Choose an icon for the skill
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Next Step: Add Locations & Departments

The next step will be to add all relevant company locations and departments that will be using Rosterit. 

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