Sales Forecasting

Track and control information about your team’s behaviour, shifts and labour costs by connecting to Xero to automatically forecast your sales. That way you can plan ahead and manage staffing levels more effectively to align with the operational needs of your business – improving your bottom line.

Enable Sales & Wage Forecasts

To view Sales Forecasts, go to Finance & Reporting from the side menu bar and selecting Sales Forecasts.

To ensure you have access to this page, go to Company Settings, select Time & Attendance, and enable Show Staff Costs on Roster. Then allow each employee to access this by going to the Employees page, selecting Access, and enabling View Sales/Wage Costs on Roster.

If you use Xero, select the Connect to Xero Account button to bring your sales values though automatically. Alternatively, you can manually enter the sales data.

  • Adjust your Forecast strategy, adjustment factor and add your wage to sales ratio (e.g. 25% ratio means that for every $100 of sales, you expect to spend 25% or $25 of wages).
  • If your work week is not even and some days are busier than others, you can adjust the ratio of each day to suit your business.
View Sales & Wage Forecasts on your Roster

Once you have enabled Sales Forecasts, you will be able to see a visual graph of your wage costs for the week from the Roster page by clicking on the View Chart button at the bottom of the page.

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Next Step: Configure your Account

Once you’ve completed the Basic Set-up, the next thing you’ll want to do when getting started with Rosterit is to set up your company details and personal preferences. 

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