Manage Leave

Learn how to view and approve employee leave requests and submit leave for yourself or on behalf of an employee.

Apply for Leave

Once your employees are set up correctly, they can apply for leave, or managers can apply for leave on their behalf. To submit a Leave Request, go to Time & Attendance and click Apply for Leave.

  • Select whether you are applying for leave for yourself or on behalf of an employee.
    *Note: This option only appears for Administrators or Managers.
  • Enter Leave type (e.g. annual leave)
  • Message – This is a required field, so ensure you’ve included a message.
  • Specify whether this is a full day or partial day. If only a partial day, include the times of the leave.
  • Add a document or attachment if required (e.g. doctor’s note).
  • Once all details are populated, click Submit Leave Request. This will then send a message to your manager for approval.
Review & Approve Employee Leave

Approving Leave Requests can be done in two ways:

  1. Click into the Leave Request link from your preferred communications method. This will take you to your Inbox, where you can then approve, reject or reply to the leave request.

  2. Go to Time & Attendance and click View Leave Requests. you can then approve, reject, or delete the leave request. Leave request must be approved in order for them to be removed from the roster. To delete or remove an approved leave request, click the Unapproved button and then the Delete button.
View Your Leave Balances

To view your leave balances, go to Time & Attendance and click View Leave Balances.

  1. Download your Leave Balances from your payroll provider.
  2. Import your Leave Balances into Rosterit after each pay cycle to ensure these are up to date.
View Employee Leave & Unavailability

Viewing your team’s time off can be done in two ways:

  1. The Leave Calendar allows you to view your team’s upcoming leave and unavailability. To view, go to Time & Attendance from the side menu bar and click Leave/Unavailability Calendar.
  2. You can also see unavailability as well as employee leave straight from the main Roster page. This can be done by toggling the Display Unavailability on Roster option to ON in your Company Settings under Preferences.
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